Metallica Platinum and 30 Years #1 DJ

Evan McIntyre with James Hetfield of Metallica


Evan Michael McIntyre
Winter 2020 - Boston, MA - USA
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With John Waters and Johnny Knottesville
Mayor Marty Walsh
DJ Evan Michael McIntyre in Boston, MA USA with Mayor Marty Walsh.
Metallica Multi-Platinum
James Hetfield - Lead singer of Metallica with Rock DJ Evan Michael McIntyre 1992. #Metallica #MusicIndustryGreats
Sir Mix-a-lot
#ILikeBigButts #DJEvantheHitman #SeattleHipHop #SirMixaLot
Concert Promoter - Evan Michael McIntyre
I have a dream...
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Grave-site - Atlanta, Georgia
#FriendsFriendsFriends #LasVegas
Rock Radio - DJ Evan McIntyre
with backstage contest winners and Cinderella's Tom Keifer.
Evan Michael McIntyre
2008 - Nogales, Mexico
Mom, Evan, and Stepheny
1991 - It was the "John Taylor of Duran Duran mullet" that I was going for. There is no other explanation. So sorry...really.
Meeting President Bill Clinton
1997 - Fords Theatre - Washington D.C.
Gram and Evan
Erasure - West Hollywood, CA 2008
Evan and Stepheny
Photo:  Evan Michael McIntyre
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Sir Mix-a-lot

#ILikeBigButts #DJEvantheHitman #SeattleHipHop #SirMixaLot Concert Promoter - Evan Michael McIntyre