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Evan McIntyre's Band
Bam Bam Club


Evan McIntyre - Vocals, Lyrics, Production
Lycan Catt - Synthesizer, Music Composition

Not confined to the realm of DJing and comedy, Evan McIntyre also shines as a singer, songwriter, and producer for the Bam Bam Club, a Synth Pop Band. Originating in 2006 during the peak of the electronic dance music (EDM) era, the Bam Bam Club emerged as a dynamic collaboration between Evan Michael McIntyre, lending his songwriting and vocals, and Lycan Catt, providing stunning synthesizer arrangements. The band's inaugural offering, "Los Angeles," seamlessly blended dance, progressive house, and synth-pop elements. Notably, Bam Bam Club's magnetic sound soared to the top of's World Independent Trance Charts for an impressive three-month stint with their independent dance hit, "Du bist Hier," in addition to two other chart-topping tracks. Five of their songs achieved top ten rankings on the Independent Charts, showcasing the widespread appeal of their music. To experience the artistic brilliance of the Bam Bam Club, simply select any song in the accompanying playlist, allowing Evan Michael McIntyre's evocative lyrics and vocals, combined with Lycan Catt's musical compositions and synthesizer skills, to transport you into a world of enchanting soundscapes.

Evan McIntyre's Band:  Bam Bam Club 

Evan McIntyre, Songwriter, Vocals, and Production

Lycan Catt - Music Composition and Synthesizer Player

Hit the Charts with 5 hits on the Broadjam Independent Charts  

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Evan McIntyre - Vocals, Lyrics, Production

Lycan Catt - Synth and Music Compostion

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