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Pop Art by Evan Michael McIntyre

Welcome to my collection of "Selfie Pop Art"! I'm just a humble enthusiast who enjoys creating modern art in my own unique style. Inspired by artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, I believe art is subjective—it doesn't have to fit a traditional mold to be appreciated. Personally, I find more joy in viewing an Andy Warhol "Marilyn Monroe" color photocopy than in some classic Renaissance paintings that took the artist years to create. Much like my love for contemporary music, I embrace the beauty of what catches my eye, how it moves me, and the vibrant colors it presents.

In the early 2000s, before selfies became ubiquitous, I found myself experimenting with self-portraits on platforms like Myspace, initially created for bands. I used these platforms to create larger-than-life images of myself and my band. As a Creative Director for radio stations, I honed my skills in creative imaging, promotional propiganda to manipulate the masses for radio ratings (in a good, fun, and harmless way.)  Photoshop, editing, and sound production that would shake the airwaves in the U.S. and Europe. I started using Photoshop to enhance my self-image long before the term "selfie" became popular. With the emergence of Facebook, I playfully dubbed myself "The King of Selfies," turning the act of self-expression into an art form. 

My inspiration draws from of course the desire to be loved but also drawn from the Pet Shop Boys' song "Delusions of Grandeur," which humorously critiques those who seek to dominate the world with their image. While my face may never adorn the billboards of Times Square, I revel in the creative freedom afforded by Photoshop and AI to craft artistic illusions.

As a child of the 80s and a devoted fan of vibrant colors and pop culture, my "Pop Art" pays homage to the iconic imagery of that era. It's all in good fun, a lighthearted celebration of self-expression and creativity. After all, while having a healthy self-image is important, it's equally crucial not to take oneself too seriously or harbor ambitions of world domination. 

Yours Truly, King of the World,

Evan Michael McIntyre

warhol evan art.jpg
20597325_139670289957782_384619438904191513_n - Copy (2).jpg
rms titanic.jpg
evan blue building.jpg
evan bath building.jpg
ev miracles happen.jpg
marilyn warhol .png
23755316_168045153786962_5999494902306705618_n - Copy (2).jpg
naked swimsuit vhs porn.jpg
20663748_141016733156471_2994121423674659100_n - Copy - Copy.jpg
evan blonde magazine.jpg
x2 youtube profile.jpg
evan flair 2.jpg
evan beatles bam bam club pop art photo fun.png
bbc photo fun pop art evan joe bam bam club.png
Bam Bam Club butt photo pop art.png
bbc india.jpg
bbc br dance club.jpg
ws sep bam bam club la sunset strip promo 19.09.14[2990].jpg
bbc creep fashion.jpg
bbc bam bam rufio.jpg
bbc evan blonde blue #love.jpg
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