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"I am currently seeking employment.  Radio Program Directors or General Managers - please see "Radio Demo" above.


I am looking for entrepreneurs to network together to make epic collaborations in music, club, radio, and the DJ world."


Evan Michael McIntyre is a Radio and Club DJ entertaining audiences all over the world. He is also a producer, actor, and stand-up comedian.

Bam Radio is a podcast radio show featuring pop culture and music. For Bam-Radio Podcast - got to

Evan McIntyre is also the singer, song-writer, and producer for the Bam Bam Club (an Electronic Dance Band.) Bam Bam Club was formed in 2006 at the height of EDM around the world with Evan Michael McIntyre on vocals and Lycan Catt on synthesizer. "Los Angeles" was Bam Bam Club's first and only mix of trance, dance, and synth-pop music. Bam Bam Club hit number one on the World Independent Trance Charts for three months with the Independent Dance hit "Du bist Hier" and two other number one songs.   A total of 5 songs made the top ten on - Independent Music.

Click "play" on any of the songs in the playlist to the right to hear the Bam Bam Club featuring Evan Michael McIntyre on Vocals.

Music heals and it makes us happy.  No need to be need to be sad. Turn on the music and start living!

#Love #Peace #Bam-Radio #DJEvanMichaelMcIntyre

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