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​Evan McIntyre, a multifaceted talent, embodies a diverse range of artistic pursuits. In the realm of radio and club DJing, he captivates audiences worldwide with his impeccable skills. Additionally, Evan has assumed the roles of imaging, production, and creative director in the past which contributes to his visionary expertise to enhance the auditory experience. He masterfully crafts captivating content for listeners. Furthermore, Evan showcases his comedic prowess as a stand-up comedian, enthralling audiences with his wit and humor. 


Not confined to the realm of DJing and comedy, Evan McIntyre also shines as a singer, songwriter, and producer for the Bam Bam Club, an Electronic Dance Band. Originating in 2006 during the peak of the electronic dance music (EDM) era, the Bam Bam Club emerged as a dynamic collaboration between Evan Michael McIntyre, lending his songwriting and vocals, and Lycan Catt, providing stunning synthesizer arrangements. The band's inaugural offering, "Los Angeles," seamlessly blended dance, progressive house, and synth-pop elements. Notably, Bam Bam Club's magnetic sound soared to the top of's World Independent Trance Charts for an impressive three-month stint with their independent dance hit, "Du bist Hier," in addition to two other chart-topping tracks. Five of their songs achieved top ten rankings on the Independent Charts, showcasing the widespread appeal of their music. To experience the artistic brilliance of the Bam Bam Club, simply select any song in the accompanying playlist, allowing Evan Michael McIntyre's evocative lyrics and vocals, combined with Lycan Catt's musical compositions and synthesizer skills, to transport you into a world of enchanting soundscapes.


Adding to his creative repertoire, Evan presents Bam Radio, a show that delves into the realms of pop culture and dance music. By clicking on the "Bam Radio" section in the above menu, listeners gain access to a compelling auditory journey curated by Evan himself. For additional podcasts, one can explore,, or, further highlighting Evan's dedication to sharing his passion for music and captivating storytelling.

Evan McIntyre, an ardent connoisseur of music since his formative years, has been captivated by its transformative power and its ability to resonate deep within our souls. Growing up in the 80s, Evan's musical journey was shaped by the energetic rock 'n' roll anthems of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and the charismatic allure of Billy Idol. Simultaneously, he found himself drawn to the mesmerizing electronic new wave sounds of iconic groups such as the Pet Shop Boys and Duran Duran. These musical influences paved the way for Evan's current passion for dance music, which has become the cornerstone of his artistic endeavors.

As Evan embarked on his journey as a DJ, he discovered an unparalleled euphoria that surpasses any other experience. The seamless fusion of beats, melodies, and harmonies harmoniously intertwines, creating a transcendent synergy that elevates both the DJ and the crowd. It is in these moments that Evan finds himself fueled by his profound connection with the music and its ability to ignite a collective joy within those who dance and revel alongside him.

Evan recognizes the profound impact music has on the human experience. Music possesses a remarkable capacity to heal and uplift, acting as a balm for the soul. Through his artistry, Evan seeks to harness this inherent power of music, offering solace and a sanctuary of sound for individuals to find solace, release, and happiness. In the vibrant atmosphere of clubs and music festivals, people from diverse backgrounds converge, their individual identities blending harmoniously into a collective experience of shared emotions and unity. These spaces that music creates foster connections and a profound sense of peace and love.

Evan invites individuals to engage with him, to share their thoughts and song requests, inviting others to partake in the profound magic that music bestows, recognizing that music thrives in the interactive exchange between artist and audience. This symbiotic relationship fuels his creative endeavors. Friend Evan on Facebook or Instagram to instant message your request.

Evan McIntyre, a multifaceted individual, also demonstrates a keen eye as a budding photographer, capturing the beauty of people, nature, landmarks, architecture, and diverse fauna. His extensive travels, including living in Germany for a significant period working as the Creative Director for Antenne - the media sponsor for the World's Fair (Expo 2000) and visits to countries like the UK, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Egypt have honed his ability to adapt to unfamiliar environments and embrace cultural differences with remarkable communication skills. Evan, an embodiment of global citizenship, has elegantly woven a tapestry of homes across the globe. He's embraced the picturesque expanses of Idaho, the historical allure of Virginia, the lively milieu of Germany, and the dynamic pulse of Los Angeles. Now, he calls the culturally rich and intellectually stimulating Boston his sanctuary, adding a new chapter to his eclectic residential narrative.

Driven by a genuine fascination with human narratives, Evan has cultivated meaningful friendships, providing encouragement and support to those he encounters. He is now embarking on a transformative journey as a licensed psychologist aiming to assist individuals facing mental health challenges and addiction. While his DJ career has brought him joy, Evan aspires to redirect his efforts towards effecting positive change, recognizing the abundance of pain in the world and his altruistic calling to alleviate suffering and be of service to others. 



Evan McIntyre - Vocals and Lyrics
Lycan Catt - Music Composition and Synthesizer 

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